COIN will be used to remove fees for transfer transactions between individuals (similar to Western Union, MoneyGram, Westaco Express), but also to discount any invoice, also without a fee, through the invoice payment system.

  • 01. Register Your Account
  • 02. Open a New Crypto Currency Wallet
  • 03. Register and receive 50 CCO!
  • 04. Start Receiving  and Sending CCOINS

Registered users: 30484

Ccoin Network Token - Trust Wallet

  • 16 August 2020 update .
  • Before buying Ccos , you need an Ccoin Network address
  • Download TrustWallet to safely store your Ccos token .

Today “27 July 2020” we are in Public Sale / SourceLess Str.Domain registration .

All our members that purchased at least 1 cco are Legit/Verified Ccoin Network Members ! And they need to complete the request form with all details , so they can receive they’re ERC20 Tokens .

Click Here

All other members that just registered and didn’t purchased at least 1 CCo , there will be a last chance to purchase untill 15 august 2020 or they will loose all they’re ccoins !

All verified members can have a domain address for lifetime , and they will receive 1 share in SourceLess company ! (Delaware , Usa SourceLess LLC) . More details next week !


Private Sale / For Ccoin Network has ended .
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

  • 2.606.721 CCOs Distributed
  •    543.279 CCOs Remaining
  • 3.150.000 CCOs Total – In Private Sale (Pre-ico)

2.606.721 CCOs
30% 60% 100%
 Public Sale and Str.domain Registration .

There will be 5 CCo for New Member Registration and 1 Cco  for Referral Signup only !

All our New Members need to have at least 1 cco Purchased untill 15 August 2020 .

The price for 1 ccos from today it's 5 USD .

Any old registered member / before 27 July 2020 can have a 1.5 USD discount for any quantity of CCos bigger than 10 .

Private Sale Facts ! 87% (2.606.721) from 3.150.000 CCos were distributed !

We will start to send ERC20 Tokens to each verified member / on your ccoin-wallet you will

have a form to submit to claim your token !

We are working for listing in the Public Market/Exchange so you can turn your ccos in Fiat !

As Private Sale has ended , we have more than 10 000 users that are verified/legit members.
(Legit means they purchased at least 1 ccos to show they’re support for CCoin Network)



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